About Our Camps

AFX has assembled some of the greatest legendary coaches to teach the game, from classroom to the field. Our scouting program provides the greatest opportunities from our collegiate and professional combine camps. We believe that when you have the right people who are truly dedicated to changing the landscape of the game globally coupled with local coaches and players willing to listen, this is the place to start. In addition to unparalleled football skills, we also give the necessary life skills for young players of today.  AFX is here to help, listen and learn while providing a tremendous educational platform.

Our Three (3) Step Approach

Professional Coaches                                                  

The first step is to have the right coaches. Our coaches have over 100 years of teaching at both the collegiate and professional level. All professional football players seen on a Sunday game or Super Bowl Broadcast, have been viewed as the world’s best players at their positions but they too have been taught and given a fundamental skill level by many of the coaches involved in our organization.  Aside from the coaches, what makes us different is that we are committed to helping and working with the local federations and coaches in every aspect of the game, it can never hurt to learn from those that have been there and done that, we are speaking of coaches with a tremendous track record of teaching success.

Professional Concepts       

Too often we think that practice is the foundation of a player’s ability to play the game and a platform for coaches to display their abilities to guide these players.  We believe that the second step is to create a culture of how to teach, what to teach and what I need to know. This process is the fundamental education approach that every coach and player must do to have a greater understanding of the game (football knowledge, IQ).  Taking a group of players today and making them better players tomorrow is not about play calling but an understanding of their individual skill sets, knowledge and putting them in the best possible position to succeed. As players, they do not have to be the biggest, tallest, strongest, or fastest, but need to have the knowledge of the game. This increasingly levels the playing field regardless of their physical attributes.  Note taking, videos sessions, and chalk boards are tools to increasing a player’s football IQ, this knowledge is power when you know what to do, and that is 50% of it.    

Professional Development    

Many times, young players are asked to attempt to carry out certain techniques on a particular play or scheme, and often at times that play isn’t successful or the scheme didn’t work. Maybe the player doesn’t have that skill set yet.  This third step is where AFX Gridiron Legends Coaches take both coaches and players from the classroom to the field where the most basic hands on instructional training begins. There is an art to what a player does at every position; there is a way to set your feet, use your arms, legs, hips, and eyes to enhance a player’s skill set.  Having coaches as position specific assistants with our Legends coaches exposes them to get knowledge and training no different than the player. They get to teach and interact with the players during the different segments of the field football by position activities.  Because all coaches and players alike learn differently, AFX Legends coaches use videos, chalk boards, handouts from the classroom, to on the field walk through and visual teaching (mental rep – meaning watch someone else do it) before the main function of live reps where a player now gets the opportunity to go against another player.  This opportunity is in our highly structured 1 on 1 and 7 on 7 controlled competition activity to refine what he has learned.  This continuation of live reps expands the players ability to develop into a much better player tomorrow than he was the day before.  Knowing how to do it is confidence, and that is the other 50% that it takes to be a complete player.

Three Day Camp Schedule

Day One

  • Registration and Introduction
  • Combine Events

Day Two AM

  • Position specific drills (on field)
  • 1 on 1’s (reps)
  • Classroom (Board work and film)
  • Clinic for local coaches
  • Parent/Guardian interaction with the sport and camp

Day Two PM

  • Position specific drills (on field)
  • 1 on 1’s (reps)
  • 7 on 7’s (reps)
  • Day recap

Day Three AM

  • Position specific drills (on field)
  • Line specific drills
  • Classroom Session

Day Three PM

  • Individual combine events
  • Position specific drills
  • 1 on 1’s (reps)
  • 7 on 7’s (reps)
  • 7 on 7 (games)
  • Awards