Athlete Consent and Waiver of Responsibility/Liability

This registration, consent and waiver is in consideration of Action Fun Xtreme LLC (“AFX” – AFX in this agreement means AFX and/or any officers, directors, coaches, employees, members, volunteers, contractors, representatives, parents, owners, affiliates, agents, successors, and assigns, parent and daughter companies) acceptance of the player named above as a participant in the Gridiron Football Legends Camp (hereinafter “Camp”) for the Camp date and Camp location .

I acknowledge that American Football is a full-contact sport, and injuries are relatively common as well as I acknowledge that most injuries occur during training sessions, particularly ones that involve contact between players and that participation in this Camp (and related activities) involves an inherent risk of physical injury.

Therefore I agrees that all risks attendant to watching and / or participating in training activities including, but not limited to bodily injury, are assumed by me and any other athlete and that this assumption is acknowledged, approved and agreed to by my signature hereto. I, signing this document, hereby grant permission for physicians, dentists, other licensed health care providers and their designees to administer outpatient medical, surgical, or dental services as appropriate, or necessary antigens or other injection, to perform emergency procedures as necessary or to refer to other duly licensed medical personnel when required.

I, hereby acknowledge.  and  assume all such risk and do hereby release and forever discharge the event, AFX,  the venue and all employees and agents thereof from any and all liability of whatever kind or nature, arising from and by reason of any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from the registrant’s participation in or involvement with this Camp, the relative training, including any failure of equipment or defect in premises. If at any time it is necessary for the aforementioned participant to receive outside or professional medical attention, I hereby give my consent to the coaches and staff of the Camp to secure the service of whatever medical facility is selected and to secure whatever transportation is deemed necessary.

I declare that I know the content and the degree of expertise necessary to participate in trainings and games of American Football. I declare that my physical and athletic abilities and in any case my health conditions, allow me to carry out the Camp in complete safety, in the places which will be indicated by AFX, reserving in any case the right to refuse to carry out any test and/or exercise.

Every player that will participate in the Camp will be required to complete a full medical history and a medical release form. 

Eligible Players must be three years removed from High School and have no remaining or voluntarily renounced any remaining eligibility with the NCAA. I hereby state that I am the aforementioned participant, as verified by my electronic submission.

 I authorize irrevocably with this document AFX to take and record my image, my voice and any artistic and / or athletic performance(s) that I will render during the Camp and expressly recognize to AFX the right, but not the obligation, to record, register, reproduce and distribute (in the widest meaning), print, publish and project such performances (complete, partially and/or as part of one or more programs) with television, cinematographic and photographic means by any means currently known (including the internet) or which will be invented in the future, without time limitations, all over the world, within the Camp project and/or separately at sole choice of AFX all this without any consideration in my favor, being my every claim satisfied by the opportunity I was given to participate in the Camp.

I accept, as of now, to respect the time-schedule that will be communicated by AFX, which AFX, having to coordinate all parties of all the Camp(s) according to a unitary organizational approach, AFX may change from time to time by giving me communication well in advance, even just by phone.

Furthermore, in consideration of the particular characteristics of the Camp and of my commitment, I guarantee to AFX that I will land at the times requested even outside of normal working hours.

I also accept all responsibility in relation to what I have done and/or told and/or affirmed during the registration indicated above, without prejudice to AFX from any action or claim that may, in relation to this, be brought or advanced by third parties.

I acknowledge and agree, that the Camp in which I will participate, may include advertising and corporate sponsorship elements.  I accept and agree to AFX’s right to these advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  I, further agree and consent to AFX’s use of my image and voice without compensation from the Camp, with regards to these advertising and sponsorship elements.

I acknowledge that the data that I have provided to AFX on the occasion of said participation will be used by AFX, with or without the aid of electronic tools and any possible software, for each treatment required by competent legislations, also through their communication. to any possible third party within the competent offices of all the affiliated and / or associated companies of the AFX for administrative, legal, tax, management, statistical and defense purposes of the rights of the interested party or of companies of the AFX for the purposes required by AFX.

Should the Participant be minor younger than 18 years of age, it is required the signature of parent(s) having parental authority and/or other subject having parental authority. Name of signer will be listed below.